Bungalow Palaver

Dear Our President,
I am back. Please may I know if the Presbyterian man whispered something in your ears when he hugged you? You can’t tell me a common Lapor. Sir I am not common at all. The Lapor’s position is a very precarious one. If people stop whispering into my ears, I will lose my living, and you your source of news. But if they whisper too much too I could go mad.
They are whispering scriptures. No not John 3:16. That is old news now. They say James 3: 4-5.
“4 Look at the ships also: though they are so large and are driven by strong winds, they are guided by a very small rudder wherever the will of the pilot directs. 5 So also the tongue is a small member, yet it boasts of great things.
How great a forest is set ablaze by such a small fire!”

You don’t understand why they are whispering that? Sir they say it is a warning. They say they are wild. They are asking you not to spoil the friendship that exists between you and them. They say they are referring to the poultry farm in which no chicken and ducks were ever kept.

You get it now? Great. In our local language it is referred to as “your own mouth getting you into debt”. They say no one asked the MAN and his father before him, not to move into the official quarters which had been built with our money. The rooms in that beautiful edifice remained unoccupied yet were maintained. They say that fact alone is a case of causing financial loss. They say they did not complain. They say it cost us plenty of money housing other officials in alternative accommodation. They did not complain.
They say now they will complain loudly if you dare. One of them whispered that he rents a kiosk along the Tema motorway, near Trasacco valley, where he sleeps with his wife and two children. He says based on what he is paid he may never be able to build even a mud house. He says despite this he queued to vote for you. He says he will never agree for you to hand over that house to a man who was paid better, enjoyed free housing, free hospital attendance for himself and his family in the best international hospitals, slept in the best hotels anywhere and everywhere and never took tro-tro but had free cars, and helicopters and airplanes to sit in comfortably.

Sir, the people are really wild. In fact some of the things they put in my mouth to say to you I cannot say. As we say here, “If someone insults your mother and you go and tell her, you are the one who has insulted her”. Yes. They went that far. In fact Sir I became so sad. I did not believe that friends could so quickly become enemies.
Sir, I am so sad I won’t ask about my appointment letter. I will fast for you.

Bye-bye. Your employee who may never be.


One thought on “Bungalow Palaver”

  1. Wonderful piece of public service commentary; one that will serve the purpose of nation- building for Ghana and Africa at this time…Sagoe, this is a welcome to the reintroduction of good prose at this period of falling standards in education; our up-coming readers would encounter classical prose writing once again, by reason of this your initiative. I salute your creativity and sense of purpose here.
    I read through your contents and felt good as an African; proper use of words, fair commentary, good use of third-party reference, as an OMBUDSMAN for the public…and the sense of purpose and responsibility to both the political leadership and the populace (hmmm). Nice one.
    If the present political leadership in Ghana would appreciate a truly dependable source of independent and sincere information about their performance and the public’s opinion, they should engage with The LAPOR.
    Keep with the good job.

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