My Mouth Is On “The Bola”

My Mouth Is On The ‘Bola’

Dear Our President,

Today my mouth is on the ‘Bola’. Surely you must know ‘Bola’? Rubbish, rubbish tip, incinerator, where all things useless are thrown.  That is what we call it where we come from.

When I was a child, I used to hear my mother say “my mouth is on the bola” every time she spoke about death or sickness. I did not understand it. But now that I have also grown up, I have come to understand why her mouth was often on the ‘Bola’.

Every Ghanaian has dependents, some more than others. Should that person get hurt or die, great calamity befalls these dependents. That is why one of my informants took me to Mankessim on the Cape Coast road to go and lapor to me. This lapor to a lapor really did well. Please every lapor needs a lapor so continue lapor-ing to the great lapor. If you are shy, use my email,

Driving towards Cape Coast, before the Mankessim roundabout, there are a string of filling stations to the left. These stations start from the bridge to a few yards before the roundabout. On this short stretch there are at least six stations. But particularly important, are two stations which are midway in this stretch. One of them is a petrol station, which  has a gas station attached. The two are separated just by a short dwarf wall that does not even go all the way. Immediately after this gas station is another petrol station.

Dear Sir, it is on this stretch that we have many women and girls selling snacks and bread and kenkey and water. It is also here that travelers stand to board buses. It is also on this stretch, that very often the traffic stalls. Sir, if we put these traders, travelers, drivers, and pedestrians together, there are hundreds of people! Why would my mouth not be on the bola when I imagine what could happen if there was an accident at these filling stations?

Sir, the Goil filling station at Cape Coast Pedu junction, is another example. They have also recently, erected a small wall to divide their fuel business from their entertainment arm. Sir, please go and see for yourself, is it enough? If my lapor skills are still as powerful as they were when I started lapor-ing for you, they also used to dispense gas at the back.

Sir, are filling stations, filling stations, or nightclubs and pubs? There is another filling station at Ashalley Botwe in Accra. It has three or four floors of building behind the main dispensing point. The top floor is often jam-packed with revelers. Can you imagine the divers and flyers in case of emergency? Sir, my mouth is on the bola again.

Sir, my mother also used to say ‘one who does not know death should study sleep’. What happened at Accra behind the trade fair site was just a warning, and what a warning it was!

Please if those who are paid to save us from the bola will not work, let the ‘whip eat meat’. I have said it to you before and I am repeating it, “let the whip eat meat’.  Sir, it is the little things that come together to become big, and cause painful unforgettable calamities. Sir, sacking is always an option. There are many more people who would be happy to work for even half the pay. People are more than ready.


Bye-bye, I remain your great and sad lapor

P.S. Sir, I hear where you are from “my mouth is on the bola” is translated as “touch wood”. It doesn’t sound nice at all. But how can you use wood to drive away calamity? As for this you must explain it to me in many words.




2 thoughts on “My Mouth Is On “The Bola””

  1. Regulations on the siting of Filling Stations must be revised as a matter of urgency!
    The Century Road at Teshie/Nungua Estates is a case in point….


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