Perfume So Sweet

Dear Our President,

How did you find the rain last night? I enjoyed it papa.  For the first time in many months I slept without turning on my ancient electric fan. In fact it was so cool I slept like a baby. I don’t know about Madam though. She hasn’t smiled with me this morning and that leaves me wondering if she did not enjoy the cool air.

There are other people wearing frowns this morning. I hear from the radio, that many billboards were blown down. Well everything has its positives and negatives. I have had no power in my office since the winds tore the wires to announce the coming of the great rain, yesterday night. So instead of the usual air-conditioning, my windows are wide open.

Sir, I did not know nature provided such beautiful perfumes. Next time you are driving through town, please let down your car windows to enjoy these scents. Sir, what I am inhaling this morning is an aromatic and beautiful blend of salty sea breeze, and pig shit.

Sir, even though the law and common sense forbid it, it seems our sea shores have become the main pig breeding farms. Send someone to check up on this if you think Lapor is telling you too sweet a story. Sometimes, the animals are not penned, and roam freely into people’s homes in so-called residential areas. Sir, send to the seafront at Ola Estates in Cape Coast. Send to the seafront at South Labadi Estates in Accra. Let other official lapors confirm or refute my keen sense of observation.

A source whispered into my ears that these ‘farmers’ operate with the full  connivance of the very authorities who are supposed to enforce the law. These local Sanitary and Health Inspectors go every quarter to take “Nokofio” from the ‘farmers’ and go their merry way, caring only about their pockets, and forgetting their mandate and the trust the public reposes in them.

Sir, please send someone to check from the sanitation courts if ever any ‘farmer’ has been prosecuted for ‘farming’ at the seashore. For every ‘farmer’ they find I can point to a person who refused to pay “Nokofio”.  What these inspectors do is compile a dossier of soft targets, whom they can and do harass. Restaurants, Small business operators and others who have very little appetite to go through our broken judicial processes and therefore pay “Nokofio“.

Sir, as I said previously, let the whip eat meat. Let it eat meat in copious amounts. Laws and by-laws should be for the benefit of us all, not a few greedy people to enrich themselves. Why do most people who are given a little power always seem to enforce the law only when the action will benefit them financially? The examples are so many I do not need to waste your time enumerating them. Okay, let me give just one example.  In front of the Lands Commission in Accra, there are always about five police officers. Right there, in the full view of the police, there is an “Okada” station. The operators of these motorcycle taxis have never been arrested, even though their operation is against the laws of Ghana. But woe betides you if you drive a car with Trade(D.V.)Plates through that area. The police will stop you and talk to you. If you don’t talk back properly, you are in deep trouble.

Sir, this ‘officer becoming collaborator’ practice is widespread.  It happens in our police stations, our courts, our tax offices, and indeed anywhere we find officialdom. Let your officials look closely and the signs will be obvious to them. I wish them luck.

Please have a good day while I continue to enjoy my perfume so sweet.

Bye-bye. My greetings to Madam and your beautiful daughters.


P.S. Sir, since I started lapor-ing for you, I have been accused of trying to speak white man’s English like you, and my friends are laughing at me. I endure all this for you and still no show. You really must pay me o. You must o!




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