Dear Our President,

As we say here, “it resembled your eyes”. The only thing that did not happen, was for people to start throwing blows or hitting each other with sticks and missiles. There were shouts of “I won’t pay” and loud retorts of “You lie, you will pay”. Then the others joined in “don’t pay, nonsense, thieves, nation wreckers”. The opposing group screamed back, “419, is that how it is done”? “Go and ask your president to pay”.

Sir, this was the “cine” that happened at the Madina market this morning when the market authorities tried to collect tolls from the head porters popularly known as “Kayayei”. Sir, all it needed was for one person to throw a blow! Luckily the characters in this film were women and they made use of their mouths rather than fists.

As is usual in Ghana, political fangs were immediately exposed. Those who support your party supported the non-collection of the tolls, in solidarity with your policies. Those of the opposition, to whom you are already a fly in the ointment, supported the revenue collectors. Happily, the market administrators realized their failing and announced over the P.A. system, that even though your budget had removed that tax, like all of the budget, it is now going to be debated and approved by parliament.

Further checks even say that the law instituting that tax was not passed at national level, but at the local level by the various district assemblies. Therefore before it can be repealed, the various assemblies have to meet and vote to abolish it.

Sir, see how this small issue is dribbling us! That is how it has always been. Many laws have been enacted to make life better for us, but in their implementation, things end up getting worse. Either the officials supposed to implement them are themselves opposed to it politically, or benefit from the lack of its implementation monetarily.

Sir, otherwise how would “galamsey” have gotten so out of hand?  Right on the Anyinam railway crossing, on the banks of the Birim river, in plain view of everyone, people are despoiling the land mining for gold. All the trees have been felled, the grasses and bushes destroyed, creating a mini desert. They of course use the river to wash the soil, and the waste water is pumped back into the once proud river, turning it into a brownish sluggish dead river.

Sir, if you will succeed in turning around the fortunes of our dear Country, please look to the people on the ground who must implement your policies. They have the power to do and undo whatever you plan. Crack the whip when you must and change them as frequently as you do your drawers, as my aunt would say.

Bye bye.

Your dear Lapor who has still not been paid.




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