Letter from my “Casin”

Dear Our President,

I did not know I was so popular. Indeed the dog of the chief is truly the chief of all dogs! Do you know they are discussing me in my village? That is how come my cousin Lamisi, so beautiful she lights up any room she enters, has written you a letter through me. I do not want to edit any part of it and have sent it to you just as she sent it  it to me.

Dear SIR,

I am writing you this letter through my dear casin Lapor, because I know he is very close to you. Sir, do you know I am one of the people who like you paa? In fact if you were younger, I would come to Accra and follow you aroun small.

I have been listining to the radio every day and I hear people talking about you every day. Some even want to abuse you. You what have you done? You just came and people want you to be a profet or what? Please don mind them at all.

Some of them, they are jealous because they don’t have power now. Everybody can have power. It is small small. Not one person will have power every day and other people will watch and be hungry. They are saying things they don know. Me I am happy. Whatever you give Lapor, he will give me some. Even if not, I still like you like that.

Me, the things they are saying, it shows that they don’t know anything. You see, is not everything that is money. You can do the dams. Is simple. You see that Mahama brought some catapilas and tipas for every region? They are still there. He gave some to his brother to use in Accra and people talk about it even in the newspaper. The ones in Sunyani were given to some people to work and party people were taking the money for their pocket. Go and ask.

So me I say, take all the machines for the soljers. The ones who can build bridge and house. Tell the soljers what dams you want to build for us, and they do it very quickly. No contracters to waist our money and buy big car and put dust on us. The soljers are good. They won’t waist time at all.

That is all I want to say about the dams. As for some people they are like small school boys. They don have ideas. Don mind them.

Please if you call me to Accra I will come. Only tell my casin.

Thank you SIR.

Sir, need I add anything? She is being a citizen, not a spectator. She has made my work easy by writing her thoughts, instead of whispering them in my left or right ear. Sir, did you also notice the hint that I help out now that I am so close to the center of power? She does not know that you still have not paid me a penny. Please please, confirm me as your official lapor.


Your Lapor who is working so hard.


One thought on “Letter from my “Casin””

  1. You are doing a great job.
    Continue gathering information
    From the grassroot and alert the gov’t and the establishments.
    I agree you need financial support for your lapor.


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