“Muntie” Moment.

Dear Our President,

Please do not think it is because you have not paid me, that is why I have been silent. Of course I am broke, but I have always managed to keep body and soul together.

Sir, it is because of the body blow you dealt me when you allowed you detractors to start calling you “Nana 110”. Yes, that is what they are calling you now, “Nana 110”, and I feel so mortified. Sir, everything that affects you negatively, affects me. People think that I am not capable and I have not been advising you properly, but your ears are hard, and you do not consult.

Do you remember “Ghana 60 years on”? Tell me it is vibrant, and people are cheering. It has given your critics a load of ammunition, and your so-called communicators sleepless nights trying to coin new expressions and strategies to explain it away. Yet Lapor advised against the way it was set up and organized.

And now this! This body blow! Sir, what does it cost you to make use of a first class brain, even if I am only a lapor, who may not be widely acclaimed by your sycophants? I know a woman who is very ugly, and also very quarrelsome. Every time she starts a quarrel, she shouts “I am ugly and I know it, what about you”? Having thus disarmed her opponent, she embarks on a torrent of abuse against them.

The Americans have refined it in their lecture method. They say;

  1. Tell them what you are about to them.
  2. Then tell them.
  3. Then tell them what you have told them.

Sir, if you had followed this method, you would have disarmed your opponents. But you did not, and allowed your opponents to set the agenda. All because you did not consult me; your great lapor.

Sir, what do you want 110 ministers for? I am not challenging your power, not at all. I am asking so that based on your explanation, I can also explain it to those who whisper in my ears, for your benefit. Sir, already, you had created some new unusual ministries that confuse a lot of people, including even those ministers themselves. Then before we could digest those ministries which in one breath were ministries, and in the next were not, you had to add more! I wish I could say “Abai”.

Please this is what people have whispered to me.

  1. You did not consult over the first batch of ministerial appointments, and offended some key constituents.
  2. Those constituents leaned heavily on you, and you had no choice but to oblige them by appointing their protégés as ministers.
  3. It is because you appeared to have buckled under pressure that those Naniama boys in Kumasi had the audacity to do what they did to the security coordinator.

Sir no vex. I am only doing my job by telling you what people are saying in the market places.  Sir, it gets worse. They have really twisted the “Delta Force” incident. They say that those boys are your “Muntie Three” and this is the moment to prove that you are a better man than John the Hopeful. “Grind them under your heel” is what they say. Show them who is the man. Are they the only people who contributed to your victory?

In fact I am very annoyed myself thinking over how if you had spoken to the great Lapor ahead of coming public, we could have made the public applaud you for being bold. Now I can’t sleep in my own house. All I get are complaints and criticisms which are totally your fault!





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