Lazy brains, lazy thinking.

Dear Our President, 

I hope you are well. I have missed you immensely. I know how it is; the more successful you become, the more friends and advisers you get.  Unfortunately not all of them tell you the truth. Not me the greatest lapor on earth. I shall always love you with the truth. 

Sir, are you aware that Ghanaians are very rich? Yes indeed. How could we not be? Every Ghanaian is a shareholder in a big company. Every Ghanaian. You are confused? Let me explain. When I started my company, it was based on the savings I had made over the years. I had to deny myself a lot. There were times that I felt there was an easier way, but I did my best. None of my clients dashed me money. In fact one client who owed me said their funds had been sent back to their donors because they had come to the end of their financial year, meanwhile they had forgotten to pay me.

 That is not the situation that we find ourselves in. What we notice with quasi-governmental and politically connected businesses. Let me give you examples. Every time the Electricity Company of Ghana has asked for an increment in tariffs, they tell us they have to make added investments to provide better service. We can’t think far about this. None of my clients paid me added costs because I wanted to expand my company. Why is it that a company as big as E.C.G. has to operate that way? So if we have paid many times over several years for the various expansions, are we not legitimate part-owners of E.C.G.? My President, in addition to these investments, are you aware that we pay for street lighting? Where are the street lights? It is only by the grace of God that we do not have more deaths on our roads, because virtually all drivers drive partly blind. Do you remember my previous letter on the subject? Sir, did you know that if your house caught fire and the Fire Service came to extinguish the fire, they would give you a bill? You did not know that? And yet our Water bills contain a component for fire-fighting.

 Dear Sir, why is it that we are so lazy in our thinking and actions? Was it not your party that kept on telling the whole world “we have the men”? Is that how to have the men? I am referring to this towing levy case. Why are we being charged for a service that we are yet to use/enjoy? Will we be paid some of the profits the company is going to make? Why should we not? After all we are investors. My friends tell me a similar service exists in South Africa. However, the government is not involved. It is individual business people who own these trucks which are found every five miles, and immediately a vehicle breaks down, the driver or police is obliged to call one of these to tow the truck for a fee.  Why can’t we license operators to do same?  Why are we creating another monopoly? Why, why? Who stands to rake in the cash? 

 It is the same lazy thinking that informed the Zoom Lion contracts. It is the same lazy thinking that informed the contract for Better Management Services and other modules under the Youth Employment project. Scan many of the contracts governmental agencies agree to, if it is not a clear case of fleecing the tax payer, you would notice not much thinking went into that contract. Dear Sir, if your people really have the men, let them prove it to us. And please we are waiting for our dividends from our investment in the Electricity Company of Ghana. 

Your very sad lapor. 

Bye-bye Sir.


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